Beauty Mentoring 

The South West Beauty Academy can give you the tools you need to start your own beauty business or expand the one you have further than you thought possible! 

Have you ever thought about having a mentor?

I strongly believe it’s one of the key things that is crucial to have within your business. If you don’t already have a mentor then I highly recommend you research it and find someone you look up to.

Working in business can be very lonely and It’s very hard to find someone that understands your struggles and needs, and that can give you real advice in situations, information that friends and family might not know. A mentor is your ‘go to’ person, someone that is exceptionally experienced in all situations you can bounce ideas off and can take a look at your business with clean eyes and offer suggestions to make your life easier and your business more efficient. 

Everyone wants to have a high profit business, but often find it comes with sacrifices in other areas of your life. I do not believe this, I firmly believe you can have both and I am living proof you can have a 6 figure beauty business on part time hours and I want to show you how.


Join one of our monthly workshops where we spend 8 hours looking at your business and where we can take it. On this one day intense course we have guest speakers who specialise in marketing & social media, guest presentation on how to have your finances water tight, tips on how to instantly increase your income, gaining more clients and managing your time more efficiently. After this one day course I can guarentee you more clients, more income and more free time

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Ongoing mentoring 

We also offer ongoing mentoring where we speak once a week on zoom or phone calls and have an unlimited messaging facility. we also offer shadow days in salon or the academy to watch over any treatments you feel would benefit you.

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Why us?

Our Academy co owner Claire Blackwood has over 15 years experience in the Beauty industry, from working Freelance, working from home to now owning multiple salons and training academy.

Claire always felt there was a gap for new businesses or businesses looking to take the next step to have guidance and this is where she wants to step in and offer essential advice and guidance so businesses can have a much needed support network.

Claire successfully turns over 6 figures by only working part time and wants to share this knowledge with her students, she is a firm believer business shouldn't take over your life but give you freedom in your personal life while doing a job you love. 

Upcoming course dates 

Monday 21st September 

Monday 19th October 

Im the mean time take a look at our training manuals below. 

All courses are self-learning at-home courses authorised by GTI (Guild Training International)  supplied by The South West Beauty Academy.